Sunday, June 9, 2019

Dreams of 2 years left

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In 2018, I was given several dreams, revealing a timing to an economic crash or hard recession leading into a crash. I was not shown a specific date, (but possibly a summer season), but just the year it would happen or begin and these dreams show it to be in the year 2020. One or two dreams doesnt reveal too much, but seeing this as the compilation it is, has me more convinced than ever, that 2020 is a huge transitional year. Here are those dreams...

Baseball dream 3-12-18
Drempt was on a team with only 2 innings left. I then awake with confirmation of 2 years left in this present economic game that's being played.

4-8-18 dream - The Titan Swords
Drempt I was at a sporting event. Miles Monhollen was the host. He was wearing an Eagles hat and jersey making a winner announcement of some sort. I stood in front of him, hoping he'd recognize my eagles hat I was wearing, but he didnt. Then I unzipped 2 jackets and underneath both, we're the Titans sword emblem. Then Miles came down off a podium, looking discouraged.
We are presently in an Eagle economy (flying high and green, like the color of the phila. Eagles). Then the 2 Titan Sword emblems representing 2 swords that are coming to us, 2 events that are going to stab this nation, like a sword. It may be that Miles Monhollen, represents the letter M, showing a pattern in the economy or stock market, an up and down action in the 2 swords strike.

6/1/18 Flight Out Of Time
I drempt I was getting a flight out of the US. I warned my cousins, that the flight out was coming. They didn't believe at first, but then believed. Then they went home to pack their things. I could see robots they hired packing their stuff, but then something changed and I found out the time left till the flight takes off. It was 2 minutes till lift off. I was looking at a clock it read 12:58 and I told everybody, that's what it says, as though they were in disbelief. I was near the top of an escalator as I told everyone. Then I was aboard the plane and thought I saw my cousins or some kids I knew hunched down in their seats, as in a crash position.
2 minutes left = 2 years till economic crash?

6/4/18 Burnt Out Service
Drempt I was at an address 2101 2103 and there were a bunch of wires in between that were disconnected but together, ready to arc and create trouble when a wind would arise (economic vulnerbility). At the same time, a lady at one of the houses was in an emergency situation dying and everyone in the neighborhood was troubled. She was at 2103. Before this, I was in charge of some kind of apprenticeship training school and was a senior leader and saw a former classmate and invited him into the class. I was telling the students of fixing a commercial service that had burnt out and they didn't think the school would let us fix the service but informed them of several works done last year, with Another contractor, as I saw his service truck drive off in the street. That's when I saw the trouble with the wires at 2101-03. Before this, I was councelling someone, Phil L,  on how we must keep positive or we will loose our shield of faith with negative thoughts, which becomes a chemical change in our cells and can create depression or anxiety. Then I stole snack food, as Phil went away to tell others briefly then came back. A reminder to keep my faith up, stay positive. 2101-2103, 2 years between? Keep working, the wind is coming to wreck havoc on the service.... a lady dying (the economy) is going to upset alot of people as the trouble strikes. It's 9:33 (911 +22) Troubling events - was in between 2101-2103. 2102 arcing, lady dying....commercial service burn out, on economy... Arcing...any wind of tribulation will knock service out easy. Grounds and neutrals were in a big ball, unspliced, just connected by touching without connector. In the dream, was not concerned over lady dying, was looking beyond that trouble to greater trouble with service wires being in great trouble. My students, in prophecy, didn't think work performed was permanent, only practiced, but I informed them it was permanent, meaning prophecy is coming to pass and will have permanent lasting impacts.

7/19/18 Red Horses
Drempt I was at a relatives house. I told someone as I entered I'm gonna sleep a long time. I felt I was about 18 years old in the dream. I went into the house and 2 boys about 10  years old came in and asked who I was. I told them I was a cousin of theirs. It seemed it was a family reunion. Then they fed me from a bowl of sweetened white puffed rice and loaded my hands full of them overflowing. Then I worked thru some memory and was telling the boys how I was related, saying their mom was my Aunt Katherine, so I knick named her Aunt K. Then Aunt K came walking thru the door and there were then, some animals in the back yard which was a farm field with trees and there were some dogs, big red golden retrievers or Irish setters, and some small horses just a bit bigger that were fire red in color running with the dogs and then a young girl cousin ran out to run with the horses. She had long firy red hair and was about the age of 12. And someone said on the back of one of the red horses was stamped the word Jericho.
My being 18 years old is 2018?, 2 boys represent 2 more years or periods of small bullishness, with sweet puffed white rice economy, then Aunt K comes, representing bearishness, then the red horses and a Jericho (the tv series) type event coming. There are a few other notable signs in the dream. There was an emphasis on the age of the boys and red haired girl from the dream. The boys may have been around 10 years old with the girl slightly older, indicating a time line. Maybe an age from the 2008 crash, the 12 years to 2020. In the group of animals running with each other, was a golden retreiver, indicative of the price of gold, to retrieve some gold. Also was an Irish setter, indicative of a time of Ire, set. The girl in the dream was set on running after catching the Jericho (Jericho tv series of Nuclear holocaust) horse, indicative of where we are headed, to the ww3 prophecies. By this, our economy will run on the white puffed sugar coated rice, maybe 2 more years? then the real trouble begins, which seems to be around the presidential race and hyperphoria that goes with it. The season of the dream was summer, so maybe summer of 2020, we see economic crash begin? I hate to try to put a timing on things because, you know how often that goes, but I've got several other dreams that tell me this similar timing as well. Let us pray that we will be ready and God will time us well to be ready.

 7/22/18  2 Cars, Then Crash
had a dream/vision of my driving down an alley and ahead 2 cars, I had to wait as one car did a reversal and then I proceeded forward and crossed a lane of traffic, but there was a car in reverse coming at me and was gonna hit me. Then I awoke and thought this was a warning dream vision. The 2 cars ahead, 2 years left, the car in reverse, about to hit me, thus a crash is coming.