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2018 Dreams - 2 Years Till Crash

(Verification of these 2020 warnings given from 2018/2019
These dreams are more thoroughly covered in the my new book, 
Bill Weather
    In 2018, I was given several dreams, revealing a timing to an economic crash. God, through these dreams, did not show me a specific date on the surface at first, until discovered later, but he did show me the year it would happen or begin and these dreams revealed it to be in the year 2020. One or two dreams doesn't reveal too much, but seeing this as the compilation it is, had me convinced, that 2020 was that year for big trouble. Here are a few of those dreams with some prophesied specific detail... 
Baseball dream 3/12/18 

    I dreamt I was on a baseball team with only 2 innings left. In this dream, as my team and I had just finished the 7th inning, we were jogging back to the dugout. That's when I was looking back at a scoreboard in the outfield. It showed only 2 innings left in the game. I then awake with a confirmation sign thru my phone. It reads 2:00 am, confirming 2 years left in this present economic game that's being played. 
Fulfilled to the Exact Day! 
3/12/18 to 3/12/20 "2 years left..."

May 2020 edit - This was a dream given 2 years from the Covid 19 crash. The stock market was near it's crashed low (March 23rd) almost 2 years from when this dream was given. 

Sept 1, 2020 edit - I just Google researched this. I'm in shock! March 12th, the 2 year anniversary of this dream, was the day that economic activity shut down more than any other day. 

    All sports in the US shut down by or on that day. The NHL shut down that day. MLB shut down that day. MLS soccer shut down that day. The XFL shut down that day. 

    Trump announced travel to Europe suspended that day. The Nordic nations that day began their shutdown. Disney World and cruise lines shut down that day. New Mexico and many others announced school closings that day. 

    On March 11th, five States declared their State Of Emergency, but on March 12th, nine State Governors declared their State of Emergency that day. On March 13th, 12 other States followed suit. Exactly 25 States declared State of Emergency by March 11th. March 12th tipped it to 34 States. The NY Governor shut down all broadway musicals and bans most gatherings that day. The NYC Mayor declared a State Of Emergency that day. Because NYC was the nationwide epicenter, NYC Mayor declaring a State Of Emergency on March 12th, made it as if it were the official shutdown day with that announcement! The DOW plunged 10% that day, which made it the biggest one day drop since the crash of 1987. A ton of entertainment industry had shutdown that day and announced cancellations. NCAA announced their tournament shutdown that day. The Pentagon, the House and Senate shutdown all tours that day.

    This all happened on the 2 year anniversary of my God given, March 12th, 2018 dream. If there was a day we could point to for the climax of the shutdown and shock to the economy, March 12th would be that day! Seeing this dream come to pass, at the peak of the economic crash foretold, from 2 years ago, to the day, is quite an incredible timing! Praise God! What a simple, but amazing dream! I also have this dream recorded in a previous rough releases of my book, from back in July, before I discovered this March 12th mass nationwide shutdown. And here I thought, it was just a simple dream of a general timing. Not so! God had it given 2 years ago, to the exact day of the peak, State of Emergency declaration, 2020 Covid 19 shutdown! WOW!  (3/12/18 dream to 3/12/20 crash - "2 years left in this economic game that's being played"... fulfilled to the exact day!

4-8-18 dream - The Titan Swords

    Dreamt I was at a sporting event. Miles Monhollen was the host. He was wearing an Eagles hat and jersey making a winner announcement of some sort. I stood in front of him, hoping he'd recognize my eagles hat I was wearing, but he didnt. Then I unzipped 2 jackets and underneath both, we're the Titans sword emblem. Then Miles came down off a podium, looking discouraged.

    We are presently in an Eagle economy (flying high and green, like the color of the Phila. Eagles). Then the 2 Titan Sword emblems representing 2 swords that are coming to us, 2 events that are going to stab this nation, like a sword. It may be that Miles Monhollen, represents the letter M, showing a pattern in the economy or stock market, in the 2 swords.

    The 1st sword came thru the covid shutdown. I await to see what the 2nd sword would be or was that the nationwide riots fulfilling?

6/4/18 Burnt Out Service

    Drempt I was at an address 2101/2103, which also was a timeline, and there were a bunch of wires in between that were disconnected but together, ready to arc and create trouble when a wind would arise (economic vulnerbility). 
    At the same time, a lady at one of the houses was in an emergency situation dying and everyone in the neighborhood was troubled. She was at 2103. Before this, I was in charge of some kind of apprenticeship training school and was a senior leader and saw a former classmate and invited him into the class. I was telling the students of fixing a commercial service that had burnt out and they didn't think the school would let us fix the service but informed them of several works done last year, with Another contractor, as I saw his service truck drive off in the street. That's when I saw the trouble with the wires at 2101-03. 
    Also, I was counselling someone, Phil Lovette, on how we must keep positive or we will loose our shield of faith with negative thoughts, which becomes a chemical change in our cells and can create depression or anxiety. 
    Then I grabbed some snack food, as Phil went away to tell others briefly then came back. A reminder to keep my faith up, stay positive. 2101-2103, 2 years between? Keep working, the wind is coming to wreck havoc on the service.... a lady dying (the economy) is going to upset alot of people as the trouble strikes. 

    It's 9:33 (911 +22) Troubling events -  lady dying (economy). Address was also a timeline 2101-2103, 2018-2020.... commercial service burn out, on economy... Arcing...any wind of tribulation will knock service out easy. Grounds and neutrals were in a big ball, unspliced, just connected by touching without connector. 
    In the dream, was not concerned over lady dying (economy), was looking beyond that trouble to greater trouble with service wires being in great trouble. My students, in prophecy, didn't think work performed was permanent, only practiced, but I informed them it was permanent, meaning prophecy is coming to pass and will have permanent lasting impacts.
    Nov edit -  Phil Lovette, meaning a time of love to fill, needed, then my grabbing snack food, junk food economic time in between, then Phil coming back again, another time of love needing filled, thus Phil Lovette..... 2020 has been like this, the covid crash 1st time of love needing filled, june to nov, junk food economy.... I await to see the 2nd time of trouble coming, needing to be filled with love.

7/19/18  Red Horses - Onto Jericho

    I dreamt I was at a relatives house. I was 18 years old in the dream. I went into the house and 2 boys about 10 years old came in and asked who I was. I told them I was a cousin of theirs. It was a family reunion I was at.

    Then they fed me from a bowl of sweetened white puffed rice and loaded my hands full of them overflowing. I worked thru some memory and was telling the boys how I was related, saying their mom was my Aunt Katherine, so I nick named her Aunt K.

    Then Aunt K came thru the door and there were then, some animals in the back yard which was a farm field with trees. There were also some dogs, big red Golden Retrievers and Irish Setters, and some small horses just a bit bigger that were fiery red in color running with the dogs and then a young girl cousin ran out to run with the horses. She had long fiery red hair and was the age of 12. Someone said on the back of one of the red horses was stamped the word Jericho.

     My being 18 years old is 2018. 2 boys represent 2 more years or periods of small bullishness, with sweet puffed white rice economy, then Aunt K comes, representing economic bearishness.

    After Aunt K, there were then, the red horses and a Jericho (the nuclear holocaust TV series) type event they were running towards. There are a few other notable signs in the dream. There was an emphasis on the age of the boys and red haired girl from the dream. The boys seemed around 10 years old with the girl slightly older, at 12 years of age, indicating a time line. The 12 year old red head will be 18 years old in 6 years (from 2018). 18 is the legal age of adulthood in the US, indicative of a time of fullness reached, in 2024.

    In the group of animals running with each other, was a golden retriever, indicative of the price of gold, to retrieve some gold. There was also an Irish setter, indicative of a time of Ire (anger and wrath), set. The girl in the dream was running after catching the Jericho (Jericho TV series of Nuclear holocaust) horse, indicative of where we are headed, to the ww3 prophecies.

    By this, our economy will run on the white puffed sugar coated rice, maybe 2 more years. Then the real trouble begins.

    A boy in economic dreaming is bullish. A girl in economic dreaming is bearish. There's a whole community of Christians online who interpret dreaming like this.

    The color red, as in the red hair of the girl and the red horses is indicative of a bad economy and bad times, in the red; the red ahead.

    May 2020 edit - The price of gold will be going higher as the .gov keeps printing money (golden retriever). The times are becoming IRE, indicative of the Irish setters. Ire mean wrath or anger and there's a lot of anger over the shutdown taking place with protests in many states. This time of Ire set, will be revolutionary no matter who the next president is. 2 years of white puffed rice economy in 2018 and 2019, then the trouble began, 2020, foretold.

November 2020 edit - There have been articles about a “K shaped recovery”, where one part of the economy goes back up and the other goes down. So far, the stock market is going up, while economics on main street has been hurting, which paints a clear picture of an Aunt K shaped economy, in need of much stimulus, metaphorically told to us, thru this dream in 2018 and pointing to 2020, from the 2 boys of puffed rice economy for 2018 & 2019, then Aunt K, for 2020.

7/22/18 2 Cars, Then Crash

    Had a dream/vision of my driving down an alley and ahead 2 cars. I had to wait as one car went by and then I proceeded forward and crossed a lane of traffic, but there was a car in reverse coming at me and was gonna hit me. Then I awoke and thought this was a warning dream vision. The 2 cars ahead, 2 years left, the car in reverse, about to hit me, thus a crash is coming.

  1/11/19  The Test

Dreamt I was in a class room with a teacher being tested with other students. We had gone thru the test, but then needed to go thru it again.
       My math test needed the assistance of my teacher to manually one on one, go back over it because for some reason, I was missing it on paper.
        The 1st question was 8x11, Answer 88
        2nd Q was hard to remember, but was close to this... 8x7 or 8x6, 48.
         The 3rd Q was 5x4= 20. That's when I suddenly woke up on the 20 and immediately thought that was a date encoded, with the 20 being the year 2020. The 2nd number is hard for me to remember, but the other two I solidly remembered.
       The number 88 being a number of new beginnings. Q #2, 48 or 56? may be a time of the year in 2020. My mind guided, maybe 48 out of 100 is what I was thinking, like if the year had 100, it would be 48%, and that would be indicative of a major event. If 48 or 56% of the year, would bring us to...
 48% = 6/24/20        54% = 7/16/20        56% = 7/23/20        Maybe 6 x7 = 42% = 6/2/20.
        The 2nd # is speculative to me, because it was hard to remember,  but Q#3, the year 2020 has been previously confirmed to me in like several other dreams I had in 2018, that we had 2 years left from there, and we would face an economic crash. This dream being another witness that 2020 is the year. Notice the date I was given this dream?
     5/9/20 edit -  So, on watch to see if we have another surprise after everything reopens from the CV19 scare.
       In the 1st part of the dream, I had to go thru the test again. Wondering if this is another CV19 scare that'll be pumped or if something else (another crash) should arise.
      This coincides with a prophetic watch for June I had from the $55.22 sign in my book. That's why I'm on watch for that time anyway, but this dream seems to be a confirming sign to that time to watch.

    Nov edit - That June time was the open period of the nation wide riots. God seems to be marking this time as a sign of revolution that will be ongoing through the next few years. It's one of the major signs of the years of right before WW3 shown by the Angel to Dumitru Duduman in his amazing first hand angelic visitation.


  1. Can I email you? I have dreams as well. Some with similar symbols. I met Dimitri when I was little. One of my earliest memories. He cooked us Romanian sausages at a park and told me I could touch the lumps of scar tissue on his belly.
    I didn't see an email address on you site but I wasn't looking very hard either. Thanks.

  2. My email

  3. Had a dream from 1/11/19 that showed a retest. And the retest may be indicating another crash or event late june/july. This also seems to be indicated in the 2 titan swords in the dream above, also in the $55.22 sign in my book, to watch for that time. So, on watch to see if so.

  4. The baseball dream showed the covid 19 crash, 2 years from March 12 2018, when the dream was given. The 2 titan swords dream show 2 events or swords coming. The burnt out service dream shows phil Lovett going away then coming back, indicative of more economic hard ship that will need philled with love.
    Red horse dream, 2 years left from 2018, the 2 cars then crash dream too, then the 7th dream, showing a timing june/july

  5. This dreams will be covered in greater detail in my updated book in July 2020, Evidence backed end time prophecy

  6. I was saved in Philly in 1974. Called to Pastor in 1975. God is revealing His plans to all who will humble themselves like Daniel and fast and pray. God is shaking everything that can be shaken. Thanks for the confirmation of the great earthquake that is coming. This will stop all the nations in their imagining a vain thing. Thanks for your ministry. Have you seen anything for the east coast?

    1. Haven't seen anything for the East Coast given to me but there is confirming prophecy of a tsunami coming soon after the California Mega quake